Blast Chillers

Unveiling the Science and Benefits of Blast Chillers in Commercial Kitchens


What are Blast Chillers?

Blast chillers are commercial kitchen appliances that are used to rapidly cool or freeze cooked food. They help rapidly reduce the temperature of food by circulating cold air around the food at very low temperatures. This allows food to be prepared, cooked and then chilled or frozen in a very short period of time, in as little as 90 minutes.

How do Blast Chillers Work?

Blast chillers utilize advanced technology to rapidly cool food down. They have powerful fans and compressors that circulate cold air around specially designed food pans at temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. This super-chilled air sweeps around the food in all directions, extracting heat from the food at a very fast rate.

The cold air continuously circulates through the appliance’s chamber until the core temperature of the food reaches below 4 degree Celsius. At this temperature, any harmful bacteria present will be inactive and the food is now safe to store in refrigeration. Some advanced Blast Chillers can reduce the core temperature of food to -18 degree Celsius within a few hours to freeze it completely.

Benefits of Using Blast Chillers

Food Safety
– By rapidly chilling food down in a blast chiller, any harmful bacteria present will be inactive. This ensures the food remains free from harmful bacteria and food-borne illnesses.

Longer Shelf Life
– Food chilled rapidly lasts longer than conventionally chilled food. Its shelf life is extended by 2-3 weeks than normal refrigeration. This prevents wastage.

Convenience and Flexibility
– Blast chillers allow food to be prepared in advance and chilled quickly according convenience. Food can be cooked, chilled and served later as required.

Cost Savings
– By extending shelf life of food, blast chillers help reduce food waste and save on replacement costs. Labor costs are also reduced as advance food preparation is possible.

Types of Blast Chillers

Blast chillers come in various types to suit different commercial kitchen needs:

– Pass-through chillers: Larger models that food pans can be rolled through on racks. Used for high volume chilling.

– Drop-in chillers: Counter-top models where pans are placed inside chamber. For smaller kitchens.

– Blast freezers: Designed to freeze food quickly down to -18 degree Celsius for long-term storage.

– Multimedia chillers: Can chill, shock freeze or thaw foods as per requirement.

– External chillers: Separate external refrigeration unit attached to storage refrigerators.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Blast Chiller

The maximum number of food pans or racks it can hold per cycle is important. Consider kitchen production needs.

Temperature Range
Ensure it can chill to safe temperatures below 4 degree C and freeze to required sub-zero temperatures.

Construction Material
Stainless steel interiors are sanitary and durable. Choose a brand with strong build quality.

Opt for touchscreen models with options to set customized chilling or freezing programs.

Energy Efficiency
Choose EPA-certified energy star models to minimize running costs over lifespan.

Warranty and Service
Consider manufacturer reputation and easy access to spare parts and service support.

Installations and Maintenance
Proper installation is a must for performance. Follow manual for regular cleaning and maintenance.

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