Unraveling the Secrets of Successful Public Health Campaigns: Insights from lobal Health Outliers


The world’s leading performers in public health share a common ground of drivers that fuel their achievements, according to a recent study published in the open-access journal PLOS Global Public Health. The study, led by Dr. Nadia Akseer, an Epidemiologist-Biostatistician at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and her colleagues in the Exemplars in Global Health (EGH) program, identified these drivers by analyzing 31 previous EGH studies across six public health topics.

The EGH program, which focuses on discovering successful global health programs, has identified countries that have surpassed expectations in their health outcomes, despite their economic status. In their new study, the researchers systematically examined these countries to uncover the common factors contributing to their success.

The analysis revealed eight key themes that emerged as the most frequent drivers of success in the EGH positive outliers:

1. Efficient data systems: Accurate and timely data collection and utilization are essential for effective decision-making and program implementation.
2. Effective leadership: Strong and visionary leadership is crucial for driving change and ensuring the alignment of resources and priorities.
3. Effective stakeholder coordination: Collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and communities, are vital for successful health interventions.
4. A capacitated workforce: A well-trained and motivated workforce is essential for delivering high-quality health services and achieving desired outcomes.
5. Intentional women’s empowerment: Empowering women and addressing gender inequalities are critical for improving health outcomes, particularly in areas such as maternal and child health.
6. A conducive national policy environment: Favorable policies and regulations can create an enabling environment for successful health programs.
7. Sustainable financing: Secure and consistent financing is necessary for long-term program success and sustainability.
8. Outreach: Extensive reach and coverage of health interventions are essential for maximizing impact and improving health outcomes.

These findings align with previous efforts to identify drivers of global health improvements and the World Health Organization’s Health Systems Framework. The authors emphasize that these insights can help inform national health policies and strategies, ultimately aiding funders, policymakers, and other stakeholders in achieving optimal outcomes across health and human development.

Dr. Akseer concludes, “By sharing the key lessons from countries that have made significant progress in public health, our hope is that we can support country leaders, funders, and global partners in crafting evidence-based policies that best allocate resources and, in doing so, enhance health outcomes around the world.”

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