Orthopedic Braces And Support Casting And Splints

The Role of India Orthopedic Braces And Support Casting And Splints


Orthopedic braces, casts and splints play an important role in supporting injured or weakened bones and joints during recovery and rehabilitation. These support devices help patients to immobilize injuries, reduce pain and promote healing. The orthopedic support industry in India has grown significantly in the past decade to meet the needs of a large population.

Types of Braces
Many types of braces are commonly used in India for stabilizing and protecting different parts of the body. Here are some of the most popular orthopedic braces available:

– Knee Braces: These are among the most widely used braces designed to support knees recovering from injuries like ACL tears, meniscus tears or osteoarthritis. They help reduce pain and swelling while allowing movement.

– Ankle Braces: ankle braces provide compression and stabilization for ankles suffering from sprains, strains, fractures or recurring instability issues.

– Back Braces: Intended to support the lumbar spine, these braces alleviate lower back pain from conditions like herniated discs, muscle strains or osteoporosis.

– Wrist Braces: Useful for immobilizing broken or sprained wrists, these come in rigid and soft styles.

– Elbow Braces: Like knee braces, hinged elbow braces allow mobility and prevent unwanted movement during rehabilitation.

– Shoulder Braces: Both slings and braces are available to restrict shoulder movement post injury or surgery.

Casting Materials
India Orthopedic Braces & Support, Casting & Splints have traditionally been made of plaster of Paris which sets hard and provides a protective casing for fractured bones. However, new materials like fiberglass and thermoplastic are increasingly being used which are more lightweight, water resistant and easily removable. Fiberglass casts are very strong but breathable. Thermoplastic casts can be molded to perfectly match a patient’s limb shape for secure immobilization.

Types of Casts
The main types of casts used in orthopedic treatment include:

– Walking Cast: As the name suggests, these allow patients to walk on a leg with a minor fracture while keeping it immobilized.

– Long Arm Cast: Used for fractures anywhere in the arm from the hand to shoulder.

– Short Arm Cast: Restricts movement only in the forearm area.

– Long Leg Cast: Full leg immobilization for fractures below the hip.

– Short Leg Cast: Only immobilizes the lower leg and foot.

– Circular Casts: Used for finger, toe injuries or wrist fractures.

– Patella-Tending-Achilles-Cast: Hinged cast for knee injuries allowing controlled motion.

Splints are similar devices that are less constraining than casts. They help support injuries until more definitive treatment and are used for:

– Wrist/Forearm Splints: Common for suspected fractures or sprains before getting an x-ray.

– Ankle Splints: Used as temporary immobilization prior to getting an ankle brace fitted.

– Collarbone/Clavicle Splints: Provided comfort during shoulder injuries like separations.

– Finger Splints: Straighten and support fingers post injuries or surgeries.

Manufacturing Trends
India has emerged as a major global manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic support devices. Domestic production is dominated by large companies like Essilor, M B Brace, Tynor, medi orthotools and many SMEs. Most manufacturing clusters are located around major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru. Companies offer customization, competitive prices and quick delivery times. Export markets include Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, North America. 3D printing is also being utilized now to custom-make some braces and splints.

Insurance Coverage and Medical tourism
While all medical devices come under the essential commodities tag, proper insurance coverage of orthopedic supports varies among different policies in India. Cashless insurance claim facility has boosted the market. It has also attracted medical tourists from neighboring countries for affordable quality treatments involving use of braces, casts and splints. The combined success of domestic market and medical value travel aids the advancement of this industry.

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