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Tai Chi Outperforms Aerobic Exercise in Lowering High Blood Pressure, Study Finds


A recent study conducted by a large group of medical researchers from various institutions in China suggests that regular practice of Tai Chi is more effective in reducing systolic blood pressure than engaging in aerobic exercises. The study, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, focused on prehypertension, a condition that often progresses to chronic high blood pressure.

Previous research indicated that aerobic exercises, which elevate heart rate and breathing, can help prevent the development of hypertension in individuals with prehypertension. Similarly, there have been reports suggesting the beneficial effects of Tai Chi in this regard.

To delve deeper into the long-term impacts of these two activities, the researchers enrolled 349 adult volunteers with prehypertension. The participants were divided into two groups, with one group committed to practicing Tai Chi for one hour, four times a week, over the course of a year, while the other group engaged in aerobic exercises with the same frequency. Blood pressure measurements were taken at the beginning of the study, at six months, and at 12 months.

The results of the study revealed that Tai Chi had a more significant effect on reducing blood pressure compared to aerobic exercise. Specifically, the volunteers in the Tai Chi group showed a reduction of -7.01 mmHg, whereas those in the aerobic exercise group exhibited a reduction of -4.61 mmHg when tested in an office setting and while walking on a treadmill.

Furthermore, the study found greater reductions in blood pressure among the Tai Chi group when measurements were taken while the volunteers were sleeping. Even after the study concluded, the researchers observed that fewer individuals in the Tai Chi group progressed to hypertension compared to those in the aerobic exercise group.

The findings of this study suggest that Tai Chi may be a more effective intervention for individuals with prehypertension in reducing the risk of developing chronic high blood pressure. Embracing Tai Chi as a regular practice could offer significant benefits in maintaining cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

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