Sachet Packaging Market

Sachet Packaging Market Is Estimated To Witness High Growth Owing To Increasing Demand From Fmcg Products


The sachet packaging market is primarily driven by the rising demand for convenient packaging from food & beverage and personal care industries. Sachets or pouches are single- or multi-dose packs ideal for food ingredients and sauces, cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceutical products. They provide product samples in small, affordable quantities to attract price-sensitive consumers. Sachet packaging uses 30-50% less material than rigid containers. They help FMCG companies expand their customer base in rural areas and emerging nations by offering affordable quantities.

The Global sachet packaging market is estimated to be valued at US$ 12068.07 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.6%  over the forecast period 2024 to 2030.

Key Takeaways

Key players operating in the sachet packaging market are Fluorsid (British Fluorspar), Canada Fluorspar, China Kings Resources Group Co. Ltd, Kenya Fluorspar, Koura, Masan Resources, MINCHEM IMPEX India Private Limited, Minersa Group, Mongolrostsvetmet LLC, RUSAL, Sallies Ltd, Steyuan Mineral Resources Group Ltd, and Seaforth Mineral & Ore Co.

The key opportunities in the market include the rising demand from sectors like food, beverages, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. Sachets allow product samples and small volume packaging required consumer segments like students, workers, travelers, etc. Developing nations in Asia and Latin America witness growing penetration of FMCG products offering scope for sachet packaging.

Global expansion of the Sachet Packaging Market Demand will be driven by increasing population, growing middle-class standards of living in developing countries. Manufacturers eye emerging markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc. for volume growth opportunities. Regional players gain an edge by understanding local consumer preferences better. International companies partner with domestic converters to leverage manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Market drivers

The primary market driver for sachet packaging is the increasing demand from FMCG products. Sachets help FMCG companies provide affordable and convenient packaged portions catering to varied consumption needs. They allow penetrating price-sensitive rural and developing markets. Growth in shampoos, dish wash, washing powder, sauce, ketchup segments boost the sachet packaging industry. Rising working population and busy lifestyles have increased demand for conveniently packaged single-use sachets.

PEST Analysis

Political: The sachet packaging market is dependent on government regulations and initiatives regarding the usage of plastic materials. Any strict norms introduced to curb plastic usage can negatively impact market growth.

Economic: The market performances is aligned to economic conditions of different regions. Higher disposable incomes in developing countries boost demand for affordable packaged consumer goods driving market expansion.

Social: Growing consumption of packaged food products, beverages and consumer goods has propelled the need for small portion packaging like sachets. Their affordability makes them suitable for low-income sections.

Technological: Advanced manufacturing technologies aid in high production output of sachet packs. Material innovations introduce biodegradable alternatives to plastic packaging reducing environmental footprint of sachet products.

The South Asia and East Asia & Pacific regions account for the largest value shares in the global sachet packaging market currently owing to high demand from developing countries like India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Rising populations and urbanization coupled with growing middle-class consumers have increased packaged goods adoption in these regions.

The Middle East & Africa region is projected to exhibit highest growth rate during the forecast period. Improving economic conditions, rapid urbanization and focus on increased FMCG penetration into rural areas by companies present significant opportunities in African countries for sachet packaged products.

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