Playground Hybrid Turf

Playground Hybrid Turf: A Safe and Durable Surface for Kids


Traditional playground surfaces like gravel, wood chips, and grass have significant drawbacks for kids’ safety and accessibility. However, an artificial turf called “hybrid turf” has emerged as a great alternative flooring option for playgrounds. Hybrid turf combines many of the benefits of natural grass with the durability of synthetic turf. It allows kids to enjoy active outdoor play everyday while keeping them safe from injuries.

Hybrid Turf Composition

Hybrid turf differs from regular artificial turf in its composition. It contains a blend of natural and synthetic materials that work together to form a resilient yet natural-looking surface. The typical hybrid turf blend includes:

– Natural Sand & Rubber: Finely crushed sand and recycled crumb rubber from used tires add cushioning and traction. Their small granules mimic the feel of dirt or grass.

– Polyethylene Fibers: Slit film polyethylene fibers form the grass-like blades that give hybrid turf its aesthetic appeal. Unlike plastic, the fibers readily absorb and dissipate impact.

– Infill Binders: Polymers and binders hold the infill materials tightly together to form a unified turf matrix. This prevents loose infill from being displaced during play.

Safety Benefits of Hybrid Turf

By combining natural and man-made components, Playground Hybrid Turf delivers playground safety in the following ways:

– Impact Absorption: The combination of sand, rubber and slit film fibers cushions falls and distributes impact forces across a larger surface area. This greatly reduces injury risk from falls or collisions compared to hard surfaces.

– No Splinters/Cuts: Unlike wood chips or mulch, hybrid turf presents no sharp or jagged elements that can cause lacerations. Kids can run, jump and slide without worrying about cuts or splinters.

– Temperature Regulation: On hot days, hybrid turf stays several degrees cooler than bare asphalt or blacktop. Its light-colored fibers also reflect sunlight instead of absorbing heat like dark surfaces. This prevents burns from hot surfaces.

– Traction & Gripping: The infill materials create an adhering non-slip surface even when wet. This improves traction for activities and lessens the risk of slips or falls compared to smooth or icy natural surfaces.

Durability & Accessibility

In addition to safety benefits, hybrid turf stands up strongly to heavy use while remaining accessible:

Long-Lasting Durability

– Hybrid turf forms a resilient unitary surface through tightly bound infill. It withstands crushing, abrasion and compression from thousands of play sessions without forming depressions, ruts or uneven patches.

– The polyethylene fibers are highly fade-resistant and retain their shape and resiliency for over 10 years of daily use in all weather conditions. Very little maintenance is required.

All-Weather Access

– Unlike grass, hybrid turf can be used continuously regardless of weather. It drains freely and dries quickly after rain or snow. Kids don’t have to wait for surfaces to dry out before resuming play.

– Its firm and stable footing accommodates wheelchairs and assistive devices. Hybrid turf creates an inclusive playground environment accessible to children of all abilities.

Low Life-Cycle Costs

– With an estimated lifespan of 10-15+ years, hybrid turf saves municipalities and schools significant costs compared to replacing wood chips, mulch or re-sodding grass annually.

– It requires no watering, mowing, fertilizing or extensive repairs. Just routine annual brushing keeps hybrid turf looking like new for decades.

Multiple Activities

The seamless hybrid turf surface opens up playgrounds to many more activities than traditional surfaces allow:

– Sports: Fields for soccer, football, baseball, softball, hockey, etc can be overlaid on hybrid turf areas. Lines and graphics can be easily customized.

– Motor Skills: Activities involving running, jumping, hopping, skipping, coordination help develop agility and balance. Riding bikes, scooters and trikes is safe.

– Play Structures: Hybrid turf complements all types of traditional playground equipment likeslides, climbers and swings. It absorbs any falls from these structures.

Hybrid turf floors represent the ideal playground surface—protecting children through impact absorption while allowing access to outdoor play areas every day of the year. Its natural looks belie functional properties that ensure safety, durability and low maintenance for many years to come. More schools and municipalities are recognizing hybrid turf’s value in enriching kids’ development through active outdoor recreation.

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