New Zealand Power Tool

New Zealand Power Tool Market: A Comprehensive Guide to Popular Brands, Models, and Their Applications


Makita Power Tools

Makita is a popular Japanese power tool brand that is highly recommended by professionals in New Zealand. Their tools are known for being rugged, powerful and precise. Some of their most popular models in New Zealand include:

– Makita Cordless Drills – Makita manufactures a wide range of cordless drills from compact models for minor tasks to heavy-duty drills for construction sites. Their lithium-ion batteries provide strong power and long runtimes. The Makita XGT 40V Max Cordless Drill is a top-selling model thanks to its power and lightweight design.

– Makita Circular Saws – Whether you need a saw for cross-cutting lumber or making angled cuts, Makita has a circular saw to suit your needs. Their 7-1/4 inch saws are versatile choices for woodworking hobbyists and renovators. Larger saws like the Makita HP512DWE make quick work of construction site tasks.

– Makita Sanders – Makita orbital sanders, belt sanders and angle grinders are must-haves for woodworkers and refinishers. Their dust management systems keep messes to a minimum. The Makita BO5041R orbital sander’s random orbital action minimizes swirl marks.

Bosch Power Tools

Originally from Germany, Bosch is another internationally renowned Power Tool manufacturer. Their tools emphasize precision, control and longevity. Popular Bosch models in New Zealand include:

– Bosch Drill Drivers – Whether you opt for Bosch’s Professional, Atomic or Compact drill/driver lines, you can expect best-in-class ergonomics, control and power-to-weight ratios. their lithium-ion batteries deliver strong runtimes. The Bosch PS31-2A drill driver kit is a top seller.

– Bosch Jigsaws – Bosch jigsaws offer superb cutting control through their EC brushless motors and optical systems. The Bosch PKS 54 IE jigsaw is lightweight and precise enough for intricate work.

– Bosch Sanders – Bosch offers a range of random orbital and dual-action sanders ideal for smoothing, stripping paint and more. Models like the BOSCH PSM 100 A perform consistently for years thanks to their durable construction.

New Zealand Power Tool Market

Despite being a relative newcomer to the power tool market, Hitachi has carved out an excellent reputation through innovative designs and strong build quality. Their distinct blue color stands out on job sites across New Zealand. Key Hitachi power tool options include:

– Hitachi Cordless Drills – Hitachi drills use advanced motor and battery technologies to deliver reliable power. The Hitachi 18V Compact Brushless Cordless Drill is impressively lightweight without compromising in torque or performance.

– Hitachi Circular Saws – Models like the Hitachi C10FSAL2 circular saw handle everything from cross-cutting to fine trimming work. A powerful motor, precision rails and smooth cutting action make them suitable for contractors.

– Hitachi Sanders, Planers and Routers – Hitachi’s line of sanders, planers and routers prioritize smooth operation, long life and dust collection. Their VellFire brushless motors maintain full power even under load.

DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt is an American brand acquired by Stanley Black & Decker that continues to be a top choice for professionals. Known for their durability, precision and comprehensive lineups, popular DeWalt options include:

– DeWalt Cordless Drills and Impact Drivers – Whether you need an impact driver or high-torque drill, DeWalt has the right tool with robust build quality. Their FlexVolt batteries deliver flexibility for multi-voltage tools.

– DeWalt Circular Saws – Models like the DeWalt DCS375B compact circ saw balance power with precision. Their electronic feedback loops optimize speed and accuracy for cuts.

– DeWalt Sanders – Options like the DeWalt DWE6423K orbital finishing sander handle tasks from initial stock removal to fine smoothing. Their constant-response technology yields consistent results.

– DeWalt Planers and Routers – Planers like the DeWalt DW734 plan thick stock quickly thanks to powerful motors. DeWalt routers cut cleanly and hold settings precisely for repeat work.

Overall, Whether you’re a hobbyist, contractor or engineer, New Zealand power tool market has a wide variety of high-quality power tools from brands like Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, DeWalt and more. Considering your needs and budget will help you select the right tools from these leading manufacturers. Professional-grade models are suited for intensive worksites while compact designs handle light-duty tasks.

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