Nail Care

From Drab to Fab: Transform Your Nails with These Expert Care Techniques


Our nails are an integral part of our body that protect the tips of our fingers and toes. While we may not pay attention to them regularly, maintaining good nail care is important for both our appearance and health. Following some basic nail care routines can keep our nails looking healthy and beautiful.

Proper Nail Trimming

The shape and length of our nails needs to be maintained through regular trimming. Ungroomed, uneven or dirty nails can negatively impact our appearance. Regular trimming promotes growth of stronger and well-shaped nails.

Trimming Technique
Cut nails straight across using nail clippers or scissors. The free edge should be slightly rounded and not too pointed.
Avoid cutting nails too short as it can damage the nails and cuticles over time.
Use an emery board or nail file to smooth out any sharp edges after trimming for a clean finish. Gently file in one direction only.
Trimming nails straight keeps them from curving in or snagging on clothes and other surfaces. This prevents breakage and tears.

Cuticle Care

Our cuticles form a protective seal around the nail bed and keeping them clean and well-groomed is an important part of nail care. Neglected cuticles can become ragged.

Cuticle Removal
Use cuticle scissors, cuticle remover sticks or orange sticks to gently push back cuticles. Avoid cutting or removing too much cuticle.
Moisturize cuticles daily with a good cuticle cream or oil like coconut or jojoba oil to keep them soft. Massage a small amount into the cuticles.
Never pick at dry, flaky cuticles as it can damage the nail bed and lead to infection. Gently exfoliate with a soft brush instead.
Kept cuticles will appear neat and well-defined enhancing the look of our nails.

Nail Strengthening

Regular wear and tear from day to day activities can weaken our Nail Care over time making them prone to breaking or peeling. Here are some tips to naturally strengthen nails at home:

Moisturizing Nails
Apply nail oil or cream to nails and cuticles at least 2-3 times a week. Coconut, almond or olive oil nourish nails from within.
Massage a small amount into nails and allow it to soak in before applying base coat or color to seal the moisture in.
This keeps nails supple reducing risk of splitting or breaking.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Keep nails away from harsh chemicals, cleaning agents like bleach or harsh soaps that can dry them out.
Wear gloves when using such products for protection.

Vitamins and Minerals
Taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement containing biotin, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium supports nail and overall health, promoting stronger nails from within.

Base Coats and Top Coats
Using a base coat before applying color and a top coat to seal protects nails from stains and wear and tear extending the life of your manicure.
Look for ridge-filling, hardening or strengthening base coats for added benefits.

Nail Art and Design

Once you have mastered basic nail care, you can experiment with fun nail designs and art. Here are some popular nail art ideas and techniques to try:

French Manicure
A classic look using a pale, neutral color on the bottom half of nail and clear coat on the top. Can stain nails yellow over time so use non-staining polish.

Negative Space Nail Art
Paint the negative space around the cuticle area or between two nails leaving a unique pattern. Requires steady hand and small brush.

Dotting Tools
Use small dotting tools dipped in contrasting polish colors to create tiny dots, stripes or designs on nails. Great for beginners.

Glitter Nails
For a subtle glossy shine, mix a drop of clear polish with glitter and apply as normal. For heavy glitter, use glue as base first before sealing with clear topcoat.

Water Decals
Intricate pre-made peel-off decals of motifs, images that are reusable. Easily create professional looking nails at home.

Nail Art has evolved from the classic looks into elaborate 3D designs taking creativity and skill to new levels. With practice of basic technique, anyone can achieve beautiful custom nail looks at home for special occasions or just for fun!

Your nails deserve TLC as much as the rest of your body. Maintaining proper nail care routines of trimming, moisturizing and protecting nails promotes strong, healthy and gorgeous looking nails. Along with nutrient-rich diet and lifestyle habits, the tips above will keep nails in their best condition all year round. Make nail care part of your self-care to always put your best foot forward!

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