Makeup Packaging

Makeup Packaging Trends in 2024


From sustainable materials to high-tech design, the packaging of cosmetic products is continuously evolving to meet consumer demands and preferences.
Sustainable and Eco-friendly Materials
With growing environmental consciousness, brands are increasingly focusing on utilizing sustainable materials for makeup packaging. Materials like recycled plastics, metals, glass and paper are becoming mainstream. Some brands are also experimenting with innovative plant-based alternatives like coconut husk, bamboo and sugarcane.

Recycled Plastic on the Rise
Recycled plastics allow brands to reduce waste while still offering cost-effective solutions. Many brands have committed to solely using post-consumer recycled plastic for their packaging needs by 2025. Recyclable plastic jars, tubes and bottles with recycled content will be widely available in 2023.

Green Glam with Plant-based Packaging
In Makeup Packaging, Makeup lovers want glam products that are also kind to the planet. Key brands are tapping into plant-based options like sugarcane derived plastic and shells of coconuts. For instance, INIKA Organics utilizes sugarcane plastic for their bestselling liquid lipsticks. L’Oreal has launched lip gloss tubes made from renewable plant-based plastic derived from sugar cane. These innovative solutions help divert waste from landfills.

Dual-purpose and Refillable Designs
Brands are adding refill pouch formats and dual-purpose containers that can be refilled multiple times, reducing single-use plastic waste. For example, MAC Cosmetics has introduced magnetic compacts that can be snapped open for a refill when the product inside is used up. The Estée Edit offers refillable click pens for lip and cheek tints. Such intelligently designed packagings are likely to gain more prominence.

Customizable and Interactive Packaging
With technological advancements, makeup packaging is becoming more interactive. Customization allows consumers to personalize products as per their tastes and preferences. Apps like Sephora’s Virtual Artist enable consumers to test shades virtually and pick customized sets. Brands like Gallinee Beauty offer build-your-own palettes where you select the colors. Such innovative packaging solutions offer engaging experiences to Gen Z consumers.

Sleek all-Metal Containers
More premium brands are moving towards luxurious solid metal packaging for aesthetic appeal and enhanced sustainability credentials. Examples include solid metal lipstick bullets, eyeshadow palettes and sleek compacts. Canadian brand CODE8 launched a collection of long-lasting pressed powder blushes housed in elegant recyclable aluminum cases. For prestige products, high quality metal containers are expected to remain a major packaging trend.

Smart and Connected Devices
Tech-savvy consumers demand technologically advanced offerings. Therefore, brands are incorporating smart elements like connected mirrors, virtual try-ons and integrated sensors. For example, L’Oreal’s upcoming launch ‘Colorsonic’ uses sonic waves and an application to blend liquid makeup. Estée Lauder’s virtual makeup mirror ‘Future of Skin’ analyses skin with sensors and provides customized product recommendations. Such innovations are set to reshape the future of makeup.

Eco Conscious Labeling and Design
Brands are consciously redesigning cartons, secondary packaging and labeling to minimize paper wastage as well as make recycling efforts easier. Sleek minimalistic secondary packaging, FSC certified paper cartons and labels that can be composted/recycled are becoming the norm. Emphasis is shifting towards utilizing minimal yet stylish eco-conscious designs across all packaging touchpoints.

Sustainability is Crucial for Brand Positioning
Today’s consumers align strongly with brands that prioritize environmental sustainability and ethical production. Therefore, leveraging eco-friendly materials, responsible packaging designs and transparency in communication have become necessity for brands looking to build trust and loyalty. Those that fail to adopt sustainable practices may lose ground to greener alternatives. Overall, sustainable makeup packaging solutions will play a pivotal role in 2023 trends.


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