Life Plan Communities

Life Plan Communities: A popular option for senior living


With longer life expectancies and a desire for independence as we age, senior living options continue to evolve. One model gaining popularity is the life plan community. In this article, we take an in-depth look at what life plan communities offer seniors.

What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Communities provides a continuum of care within one campus for independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing. Residents sign a contract that guarantees lifetime housing and care. Villages operate independently but may be affiliated with larger organizations.

Independent Living

Independent living is the entry level in a life plan community. Residents live in their own apartment or home but have access to community amenities and services. meal plans, housekeeping, transportation, wellness programs and activities are often included. Independent living residents pay a large entrance fee that is partially refundable if they move. This fee funds future healthcare costs.

Monthly rates cover utilities, maintenance, lifelong priority access to higher levels of care and more. Floor plans range from studios to multi-bedroom units. Resorts style amenities like pools, fitness centers and clubhouses create a lively campus environment. Downsizing hassles are minimized as everything is handled on-site.

Assisted Living

Should independent living no longer be a fit, assisted living is available on campus. Memory care options are often provided as well. Private apartments offer privacy while staff helps with daily tasks as needed. Meals, laundry, medication management and personal care are part of full service packages. Families appreciate the seamless transition within the same community.

Skilled Nursing

For residents requiring round the clock nursing care, onsite skilled nursing facilities ensure continuous care. Private or semi-private rooms provide hospital-level services. Short term rehabilitation stays are accommodated along with long term care. End of life care philosophy focuses on comfort over extended treatment.

Financial Planning Benefits

Life plan contracts guarantee housing and health services for life. Entrance fees fund future assisted living and nursing costs, removing much retirement uncertainty. As national health costs soar, on-campus healthcare saves significantly. Opting in early locks in today’s rates versus potential rate hikes years later.

Pre-planning amenities and healthcare needs create peace of mind. Monthly rates are often more predictable than fluctuating in-home care costs. Estates may pass intact to heirs versus being depleted by long term care. Non-profit communities reinvest revenues into programs and campus enhancements.

Community & Wellness Focus

Beyond services, life plan villages foster well-being through engagement. Walkable pathways, gardens and green spaces encourage outdoor activity. Hundreds of interest groups, classes, trips and tours energize residents. Dining venues offer variety along with opportunities for socialization. Generations interact through intergenerational programs too. Wellness professionals coordinate prevention and treatment services.

An Ideal Senior Housing Model?

For many seniors seeking independence, security and social wellness, life plan communities effectively offer all under one roof. From independent homes to assisted living and nursing care, levels of service scale seamlessly. Care needs change gradually versus disruptive relocations between facilities. On-campus healthcare and priority access to services provide long term control over housing and budgets.

With an aging population on the rise along with healthcare and senior living costs, life plan villages represent an increasingly popular option. Their continuum of care addresses physical, social, emotional and financial aspects of aging. For those planning retirement years decades in advance, life plan contracts deliver comprehensive guarantees and benefits hard to find elsewhere. Overall, this innovative model aims to redefine what growing old can look and feel like.


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