Lawn & Garden Equipment

Lawn & Garden Equipment: Essential Tools to Maintain Your Outdoor Spaces


Lawns and gardens require regular maintenance to remain green, healthy and beautiful. Proper lawn and garden care involves various tasks like mowing, trimming, edging, weeding etc. which require the use of specialized equipment. From lawnmowers to pruners, there is a wide range of lawn and garden tools available in the market to suit different needs and budget.

As the basic and most important lawn tool, a lawnmower is a necessity for any household with a lawn. There are different types of lawnmowers suitable for various lawn sizes and conditions.

Push Mowers/Self-Propelled Mowers
For small to medium sized lawns up to 0.5 acres, a push mower or a self-propelled mower is sufficient. Push mowers are manual while self-propelled mowers have a self-propulsion mechanism that reduces physical effort. Both have gas or electric powered models available within the price range of $100-$500. Their lightweight and compact size makes them easy to store and maneuver.

Riding Lawn Mowers
For larger lawns more than 0.5 acres, Lawn & Garden Equipment a riding lawnmower provides the best value. Riding mowers are larger with engine horsepower ranges from 12-25 HP and have a comfortable seat. Platform style and tractor style are two common varieties. Prices start from $1000 and can go up to $5000 for zero turn, diesel or hydrostatic transmission models.

Robotic Lawnmowers
For busy homeowners seeking a hands-free solution, robotic lawn mowers automatically mow the lawn on a pre-scheduled basis. Equipped with sensors and GPS navigation, these battery powered robots cut grass as small as 0.1 acres for $500-$3000 depending on features and brand. They require boundary wires to be installed around the lawn.

Trimmers, Edgers and Brush Cutters
Other lawn maintenance equipment includes string trimmers (weed whackers), edgers and brush cutters that help finish the lawn for a tidy look.

String Trimmers/Weed Whackers
Used for trimming grass and weeds around fences, trees, garden beds and other edges where a lawnmower cannot reach. Gas powered and electric models are available from $50-200. Reel and attachment type are the variations.

Help define the boundary between grass and concrete/stones with a clean edge. While manual edgers need physical effort, power edgers perform the job efficiently, available from $80-300.

Brush Cutters
Serve the purpose of trimming shrubs, cutting tall grasses and clearing small areas of brush. Gas powered brush cutters, similar to string trimmers, are commonly used for this job and range between $150-400 based on engine power and cutting swath width.

Pruning and Lopping Tools
For shaping bushes, hedges and trimming tree branches at desirable heights, specific pruning tools are required.

Pruners/Pruning Shears
Used for deadheading flowers and cutting small diameter woody stems up to 1⁄2 inch thick. Bypass and anvil pruners are the two designs available from $10-50.

For cutting branches up to 1-2 inches think, long handled loppers with soft grips provide better leverage and reach from heights. Cost between $25-100 based on blade material and handle length.

Pruning Saws
For branches thicker than 2 inches, manual folding pruning saws (from $15) or powered chain saws/pole saws (over $100) are suitable. Saws provide a clean pruning cut. Chain saws need safety gear for operation.

Soil Working and Materials Handling Tools
Powered equipment also help home gardeners with various soil related tasks and transporting materials.

Gas/electric powered rototillers are indispensable for mixing organic matter, fertilizers into the soil and breaking up compaction before planting. Tiller width ranges from 16-24 inches based on tilling area needs and prices vary from $150-1000.

For aeration and loosening of top soil layers, manual or powered broadfork/tine cultivators are used from $30-200.

Evenly spreading grass seed, fertilizers or mixtures requires either drop or broadcast spreaders that whirl seeds using a spinning mechanism or hopper. Manual ($30-60) or electric/battery models($100-300) are useful.

For transporting compost, mulch, soil within the landscape, durable wheelbarrows in poly or steel with pneumatic tyres are a basic necessity available from $40-150.

By choosing the right lawn and garden equipment based on individual property size and maintenance needs, homeowners can easily maintain their outdoor spaces. While basic tools serve most small domestic yards, serious landscapers require more heavy-duty commercial grade equipment. Proper selection and regular equipment maintenance ensures quality results with minimum effort year after year.

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