KSA Tire

KSA Tire: Leading the Way in Sustainable Mobility Solutions


KSA Tire has cemented its position as one of the largest tire manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with a sustainable vision for the future of mobility. Founded in 1987, the company has come a long way in a short span powered by its commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship.

A Pioneer in the Local Tire Industry
When KSA Tire set up its first manufacturing plant in Jeddah 35 years ago, the local tire industry was still in its fledgling stages. However, the company believed in the long-term prospects of the auto sector in KSA and the Gulf region. Backed by heavy investments, it ramped up production steadily to cater to the growing domestic demand. Today, KSA Tire operates three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities employing over 5000 people. It produces over 10 million tires annually across different segments like passenger vehicles, light trucks, buses, and off-road machinery. The success story is a testament to KSA Tire’s unflinching commitment to self-reliance and contributing to the nation’s industrialization.

Focus on Quality and Customization
While scale and affordability are important, KSA Tire has never compromised on product quality. It has invested heavily in advanced production technology, robust quality control systems, and extensive R&D infrastructure. As a result, KSA tires are renowned for strength, durability, precision-grading, and safety. Additionally, the company has customized tire solutions for the unique terrain and climatic conditions prevalent across various regions within KSA and neighboring markets. This has helped expand its market share in the Gulf Cooperating Council countries. KSA Tire also caters to OEM requirements, collaborating closely with leading automakers.

Green Products and Eco-Friendly Initiatives
Sustainability is a core part of KSA Tire’s business philosophy. It produces tires incorporating design innovations that enhance fuel efficiency, reduce rolling resistance, minimize wear & tear, and use recycled and sustainable materials. KSA’s ecoFabric technology incorporates old fishing nets, reducing plastic pollution in oceans. Its ecosmart range has reduced the carbon footprint by 20%. Furthermore, all KSA Tire plants have implemented green practices like solar panels, waste recycling, rainwater harvesting, and energy audits. LED lights and automation help lower emissions drastically. Such visionary initiatives are putting KSA Tire at the forefront of manufacturing excellence through environment stewardship.

Driving Mobility’s Electrified Future
As the automotive industry transitions towards electric vehicles (EVs), KSA Tire is proactively engineering specialized tires. Its R&D wing has developed ultra-energy-efficient tires tailored for EVs, incorporating proprietary ecosteel and ecogrip technologies. The ecosteel formulation enhances strength while reducing material consumption. Ecogrip compounds optimize traction and handling dynamics to improve EV driving ranges. KSA Tire is also developing run-flat tires, airless tires, and tires embedded with sensors to monitor performance in real-time for autonomous vehicles. This focus on mobility’s evolution will cement the company’s leadership well into the future.

Emphasis on Logistics, E-Commerce and Exports
To ensure seamless distribution, KSA Tire operates one of the largest integrated logistics networks in the region. It owns and operates 15 strategically located warehouses across KSA, offering same-day delivery in most cities. The company recently launched an e-commerce portal and mobile app to facilitate direct online purchases. Exports constitute over 20% of revenues with a strong presence in East Africa, Central Asia, and Europe. KSA Tire is exploring new overseas markets like Iraq, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan through partnerships. Its foray into retail franchising in the past year has resulted in establishing 40 branded outlets so far. Such expansion plans will accelerate the company’s vision to be a pan-regional leader.

Over the past 35 years, KSA Tire has risen to become a dominant force and a hallmark of excellence representing the Make-in-KSA initiative. Backed by an innovative mindset, state-of-the-art infrastructure and loyal workforce, it is pioneering sustainable mobility solutions catering to the dynamic automotive landscape. KSA Tire’s proactive focus on fuel efficiency, alternate materials, renewable energy and mobility’s transition to electrified transportation will ensure it remains future-ready. As one of the first companies to be locally incorporated in KSA, its success story also demonstrates the tremendous potential of the Vision 2030 reforms unraveling. KSA Tire seems firmly set on steering its green growth trajectory with strong foundations while leading the change towards a greener tomorrow.

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