Introducing the Jollylook Eye The Digital to Instant Print Converter


In a blast from the past, Ukrainian startup Jollylook brought us a retro analog camera that produced instant-print photographs six years ago. Now, the company is back with a similar old-school device called the Jollylook Eye, which converts digital photos into instant prints.

The Jollylook Eye is a mechanical device with a body made of wood fiber panels accented with plant-based paint. Unlike most modern gadgets, it doesn’t require a power source, making it truly unique in its design.

To start using the Jollylook Eye, users open the rear cover and insert a cassette of Fujifilm Instax Mini Film. After closing the cover, they select a photo on their smartphone. Next, the Eye, along with its lens, is placed over the phone’s screen. Users adjust the image size on the phone so that it fills the Eye’s viewfinder window, and they can then snap the Eye’s shutter release lever.

After taking the photo, users simply turn a crank on the Eye to roll out the 62 by 46-mm print. The print develops in just 30 seconds, creating an instant photo experience. The Jollylook Eye even allows for multi-exposure prints, enabling users to photograph two or more digital photos before cranking out the film.

Jollylook has recently moved its operations to Slovakia and is now offering the Eye to buyers through a Kickstarter campaign. With a pledge of $49, backers can secure one Jollylook Eye for themselves. The planned retail price for the device is $89.

By combining the nostalgic feel of instant-print photography with the convenience of digital technology, the Jollylook Eye is making waves among photography enthusiasts. The device brings back the joy of waiting for a physical print to develop, while still embracing the digital era.

The Jollylook Eye aims to capture the attention of those who appreciate vintage-inspired gadgets and want to experience the tactile nature of printing digital photos. With its charming retro design and straightforward operation, the device offers a unique way to preserve memories in a tangible form.

As the Kickstarter campaign gains traction, it’s clear that the Jollylook Eye has struck a chord with individuals seeking a blend of digital and analog experiences. By adapting digital photos into instant prints, Jollylook is tapping into a nostalgia-driven market hungry for innovative products like the Eye.

Assuming the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the Jollylook Eye will soon become a must-have item for photography enthusiasts, creatives, and anyone craving a dose of nostalgia. So, whether you’re looking to capture a special moment or simply enjoy the process of instant photography, keep an eye out for the Jollylook Eye.



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