Industrial Dryer Market

Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling the growth of the Industrial Dryer Market


The global Industrial Dryer Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 1.37 Bn in 2023 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period 2023 to 2030, as highlighted in a new report published by Coherent Market Insights.

Industrial dryers are used for drying of various materials like grains, chemicals, food ingredients and other industrial products across industries like food & beverage, chemicals, mining & metal, etc. They offer advantages like efficient drying with reduced drying time, operating at higher temperatures and effective removal of moisture from products. With growing processing needs, industrial dryers play a vital role in post-harvest and pre-processing operations.

Market Overview:
Industrial dryers remove moisture from materials efficiently through the application of heat and air circulation. The continuous integration of IoT technology for remote monitoring of operational parameters is fueling demand.

Market key trends:
One of the key trends in the Industrial Dryer Market Growth is the growing adoption of IoT integration. Dryer manufacturers are offering smart dryers with IoT connectivity that enables remote monitoring and control of dryers. Process data like temperature, moisture levels and throughput can be accessed real-time. Predictive maintenance is facilitated through data collection and analysis. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime of drying processes significantly.
Segment Analysis
The global industrial dryer market is segmented on the basis of type, heat source, end-use industry and region. By type, the industrial dryer market is segmented into rotary dryer, fluidized bed dryer, spray dryer, drum dryer, flash dryer and others. Among these, the rotary dryer segment accounted for the largest market share in 2021 owing to its wide application in industries like food, chemical, cement, mining and others. By heat source, the market is segmented into direct/indirect and direct. The direct heat segment holds the largest share in the market due to low cost and easy operational procedures. By end-use industry, the industrial dryer market is segmented into food, pharmaceutical, cement, fertilizer, chemicals and others. Food industry held the largest share due to drying requirements of wide range of food products.

Key Takeaways
The global industrial dryer market size was valued at US$ 1.37 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% during the forecast period. Factors such as increasing demand for packaged food products and expansion of food processing industry are expected to drive the market growth.

Regionally, Asia Pacific dominated the global industrial dryer market and accounted for over 35% of the total market share in 2023 owing to rapid industrialization, expanding food processing sector, and presence of key manufacturers in the region. China accounted for the largest share in the region.

North America is expected to exhibit significant growth during the forecast period. Growth of pharmaceutical sector for drug manufacturing and expansion of fertilizer production capacity are estimated to fuel the industrial dryer market growth in the region.

Key players operating in the industrial dryer market are Carrier Vibrating Equipment Inc., ThyssenKrupp AG, Buhler Holding AG, FEECO International Inc., CAD Works Engineering Ltd., Glatt GmbH, Metso Corporation, ANIVI Ingeniería SA, FLSmidth& Co. A/S, Andritz AG, GEA Group, Aktiengesellschaft, Comessa. These players are focusing on new product launches and expanding their regional presence to strengthen market position.

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