Image Consulting: Helping You Create The Right Impression


An image consultant is a professional who helps individuals assess and improve how they present themselves visually through clothing, grooming, body language and communication style. Image consultants help clients understand how others perceive them, and provide guidance on how to craft an image that aligns with personal goals. They can work with anyone from executives to those entering a new career or role.

Assessing Your Current Image

The first step an image consulting takes is conducting an in-depth assessment of a client’s existing image. This involves an analysis of physical traits like height, body type, age and natural features. The consultant will also consider the client’s personal and professional background, values, aspirations and industry. Through this assessment, they gain a holistic understanding of how the client currently presents themselves as well as what types of imagery and styles naturally fit or clash with their overall persona.

Developing Your Desired Image

After assessing the current image, the consultant works with the client to define their desired image. This process involves identifying the impressions, qualities or perceptions the client wishes to portray through their visual presentation. Consulting on factors like colors, silhouettes, textures, fit, accessories and grooming techniques that match or strengthen the desired image. Together, client and consultant craft a clear, consistent and authentic image style that supports the client’s chosen messaging and goals.

Establishing Your Brand

With the current and desired images defined, an image consulting can help a client clearly establish their personal brand. This involves fine-tuning a consistent style and honing behaviors, mannerisms and communication delivery. The consultant provides feedback on adapting clothing, grooming, posture, eye contact, speaking and listening skills to support desired professional characteristics like authority, trustworthiness, warmth or youthfulness. The goal is a branded visual and behavioral package that underscores the image goals and reinforces a memorable, positive impression.

Shopping and Styling

For clients wishing to refresh their existing wardrobe, an image consulting can offer invaluable guidance through the shopping process. They accompany clients wardrobe shopping, analyzing options to determine suitability for the desired image as well as advising on fit, tailoring requirements and affordability. For some clients, consultants will personally provide a new wardrobe based on their styling expertise and image goals. Ongoing styling help ensures continual alignment between the client’s image, wardrobe and roles. Post-shopping, consultants can provide care guidance to maintain looks professionally.

Maintenance and Optimization

As goals, roles and life stages change, one’s visual brand may need refreshment. Experienced image consultants understand that image maintenance requires periodic reviews, assessments and refinements. They work with clients on ongoing upkeep like hair, wardrobe rotation and ensuring consistency across professional domains. Furthermore, consultants are equipped to refine client brands when shifts occur. They help continually evolve and strengthen desired messaging across professional touchpoints, optimizing the visual and social presence to support clients professionally over the long term.

In Summary

Whether embarking on a new career, changing roles or seeking to strengthen presence in an industry, crafting and maintaining the optimal professional image takes time and expertise. Image consulting provide invaluable knowledge and guidance on developing an authentic, powerful and consistent brand that aligns with personal and professional goals. Their holistic assessments and bespoke styling and behavioral feedback offer individuals the confidence and impression-building edge to reach their full potential.



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