Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Leaked Ahead of Schedule, Reveals Release Date of 2025


The highly anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI was leaked online prior to its planned release, causing quite a stir among fans. Rockstar Games, the creator of the popular video game series, acknowledged the leak and urged viewers to watch the official trailer on YouTube instead.

The leaked trailer, which was approximately 90 seconds long, provided some exciting details for fans to dissect. It revealed that the game would take place in a Miami-inspired Vice City and feature a female protagonist named Lucia—a first for the franchise. However, the most surprising revelation was the game’s release date, set for 2025.

This release date came as a disappointment to some, as many had anticipated the game to hit shelves in the 2024 holiday season. Shares of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, fell about 1% following the announcement. While a specific date within 2025 has not been disclosed by Take-Two, industry analysts believe the game will likely be released in the first few months of the year based on the company’s comments about fiscal year 2025 bookings expectations.

Despite the slight delay, analysts from Raymond James maintain their expectation of a massive release for Grand Theft Auto VI. They predict that the game’s scale and popularity will remain significant, even with the shift in the release date.

Grand Theft Auto, the first installment of the series, was released in 1997 and quickly gained immense popularity. Over the years, multiple sequels were developed, each garnering high anticipation from fans. Grand Theft Auto VI will be launched more than a decade after the release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013.

The upcoming game will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S systems, as announced by Rockstar Games and Take-Two. The teaser trailer generated exceptionally strong buzz and pent-up demand, accumulating tens of millions of views within hours of its release. As of now, the official trailer on Rockstar Games’ YouTube channel has been viewed over 94 million times.

Furthermore, the release of Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to impact the release schedule of other video games in the industry. Competitors may choose to avoid launching their games around the same time to avoid direct competition with the highly anticipated title.

Although the leak disrupted Rockstar Games’ original plans, it has only intensified the anticipation and excitement surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI. Fans eagerly await the release in 2025, ready to explore the new Vice City and experience the game from the perspective of its first-ever female protagonist.

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