GCC Air Purifier

GCC Air Purifier – The Need of the Hour


Air pollution has become one of the biggest threats to human health and environment worldwide. The increasing levels of indoor air pollution caused by dust, smoke, toxic gases and other microscopic pollutants has increased the risk of various respiratory problems, allergies and other health issues. In such a scenario, air purifiers have become indispensable for maintaining clean and breathable indoor air quality. One of the leading brands providing high-quality air purifiers is GCC, an Indian company known for its innovative air purification technologies.

GCC – A Pioneer in Air Purification

Founded in 1992, GCC has established itself as one of the pioneers in air purification business in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, GCC focuses on research and development to come up with cutting-edge air purifying solutions. Some of GCC’s industry-first innovations include Vitamin C infused filters, plasma ion technology, smart sensors etc. GCC was the first company to introduce Hepa filter based air purifiers in India. Over the decades, GCC has sold millions of air purifiers catering to both residential and commercial segments. The company has a wide distribution network covering major cities and towns across the country.

Wide range of models for all budget ranges

GCC Air Purifier understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to choosing an air purifier. Hence, it offers a comprehensive range of air purifiers at different price points to suit varied budget requirements and space sizes. Some of the popular GCC air purifier models include:

– GCC Ultima 212: A compact tabletop model ideal for small rooms up to 12×12 feet, priced at Rs. 8,999.

– GCC Optima 311: Features plasma ion technology and filters up to 320 sq. ft. area at a cost of Rs. 11,999.

– GCC Excel 616: Powerful model equipped with Vitamin C enriched filter for spaces up to 16×16 feet available for Rs. 21,999.

– GCC Excel 1016 Wi-Fi: High-end smart air purifier with Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor air quality on mobile remotely, priced at Rs. 34,999.

– GCC Commercial series: Special range of air purifiers designed for large commercial spaces like malls, hotels, hospitals etc.

The wide variety of models allow customers to choose the most suitable GCC air purifier as per their requirements without burning a hole in the pocket.

Advanced filtration technologies

What truly sets GCC apart is its focus on research and development of advanced air purification technologies. Some of the key technologies used in GCC air purifiers include:

– HEPA Filtration: High efficiency particulate arrestor filters capable of capturing 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns like pollen, dust, smoke, bacteria and viruses.

– Plasma Ion Technology: Ionizer releases positive and negative ions to trap pollutants and eliminate odour causing molecules to provide fresh indoor air.

– Vitamin C Filter: Activated carbon filter infused with Vitamin C not just absorbs pollutants but also emit negative ions and bio enzymes cleansing the air.

– Smart Sensors: Models like GCC Excel 1016 Wi-Fi utilizes laser based particulate sensors and Smart Connect App for real-time monitoring of PM2.5, PM10 levels and other air quality parameters.

– Advanced Sanitization: Select models disinfect the air using UVGI lights and photocatalyst technology to kill household germs and keep indoor air sanitized.

These technologies come together to provide thoroughly cleaned air and ensure optimal indoor air quality.

Effective and silent operations

Another advantage of GCC air purifiers is their powerful yet silent operations. Most GCC models even at their highest fan speed run noiselessly without disturbing users. At the same time, they are highly effective in cleaning the air withinlarge areas in short durations depending upon the model capacity. For e.g GCC Excel 1016 Wi-Fi can purify air in a 1000 sq.ft. space within 30 minutes.

Regular filter replacement ensures utmost performance. GCC also offers competitive rates for replacement filters enabling users to maintain their purifiers efficiently. Additionally, majority GCC purifiers are energy efficient utilizing power as low as 80W. Their sleek ergonomic designs with pollution display also blend aesthetically into any home décor.

Commitment to quality and after-sales service

Right from the initial selection process to after-sales support, GCC lays special emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company aims to educate people about indoor pollution risks and air purification benefits through various awareness campaigns. Authorized GCC service centers located all across India provide prompt assistance whenever required.

Moreover, each GCC air purifier comes with a minimum 2-year comprehensive warranty on product and 5-year warranty on motor reflecting the brand’s quality assurance commitment. Round-the-clock customer call centers also ensure quick resolution of even minor issues. These efforts have made GCC one of the most trusted air purifier brands.

With rising pollution levels threatening people’s health, GCC air purifiers have become a necessity for every home and office space. Their cutting-edge technologies, value for money offerings, energy efficiency and comprehensive service have made them a popular choice among customers. Going forward, GCC plans to further widen its global presence while continuing product innovations for healthier living. The brand will keep playing a leading role in combating indoor air pollution issues through advanced air purification solutions.

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