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Console Tables: Versatile Furniture for Small Spaces

With many homes and apartments having limited space, furniture that serves multiple purposes has become essential. Console tables are a versatile type of furniture that can maximize space while adding style and functionality. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of console tables and how they can be used in different areas of the home.

What is a Console Table?
A console table is a long, narrow table that is usually placed against a wall. They come in various styles, from modern to antique inspired designs. What defines a console table is its slim profile that allows it to fit into tight spaces without taking up too much room. Originally designed to hold items like keys, mail or small decorative accents by the front door, console tables have evolved to serve various purposes throughout the home.

Using Console Tables in Entrances
As the name suggests, the front entrance is a classic spot for a console table. In this area, they provide a surface to display small flower arrangements, family photos or seasonal decor. Console tables are also very practical for storing items like bags, umbrellas, coats and shoes. Opt for a table with drawers, shelving or open space underneath to maximize storage potential in this high-traffic area. Make sure to choose a table long enough to accommodate these everyday essentials without looking cluttered.

Console Tables for Living Rooms
Living rooms are another great place to use a console table. For smaller living rooms, a console provides extra surface space for lamps, books or plants without taking up valuable floor space. Position one behind a sofa or on an empty wall. You can also use one between two seating areas to separate spaces while still keeping them open. Console tables work well paired with sectionals or as a makeshift coffee table behind larger furniture. Opt for a wide, low console to display items or function as an extra seating surface when company is over.

Console Tables in Dining Spaces
When space is limited, a console table can double as a practical dining surface. Place one in a breakfast nook or small dining area instead of a bulky table. Look for ones with storage to keep dishware and supplies handy. console tables are also useful in larger dining rooms – try one against the wall as a buffet for serving dishes or extra seating. The narrow profile won’t obstruct traffic flow like a regular size dining table might.

Console Tables for Bedrooms
Bedrooms are another area where console tables can be strategically used. Position one in the entry of a small bedroom to provide surface area for lighting, accessories or a television. They also work well paired with smaller beds that don’t have room for a nightstand. Opt for a table with drawers or open shelves to keep necessities organized. In larger bedrooms, try one against the empty wall between two windows to balance the room without taking up precious floor space.

Choosing the Right Console Table Style
When shopping for a console table, think about the style of your home décor and how you plan to use the table. Transitional designs incorporate both traditional and modern elements for versatility. Distressed wood or metal bases paired with open shelf or simple storage is a versatile aesthetic. For eclectic, artsy spaces, look for one-of-a-kind vintage inspired pieces. Clean lined, solid wood designs work well in minimalist settings while mirrored surfaces add depth to smaller spaces. Upholstered console tables offer a more casual, modern look. Be sure to measure the intended space to select the most appropriately sized table.

Final Thoughts
Console tables are a practical, versatile addition to any home. Their narrow profile maximizes even small areas while surfaces provide multi-functional display, storage and seating options. By thoughtfully choosing console tables in coordinating styles, homeowners can enhance décor continuity between rooms. With the right placement, these tables allow form and function to seamlessly coexist even when square footage is limited.