Car Rack

Car Rack: An Essential for Safe and Convenient Travel


Car Rack Types

There are different types of car racks available to suit various needs. The most common types are:

Roof Rack: This is the most basic and common type of car rack. It mounts on the roof of the vehicle and provides a platform to secure items on top. Roof racks are ideal for carrying bulky or awkwardly-shaped cargo that wouldn’t fit inside the vehicle. They allow carrying multiple items like surfboards, skis, kayaks etc. securely. Roof racks are either bar type that need roof rails pre-installed or may come with roof rails integrated in the rack itself for vehicles without roof rails.

Hitch Rack: A hitch rack mounts on vehicles with a tow hitch receiver. It provides a flat or upright platform to carry items using clamps, straps or locks. Hitch racks are useful for transporting bicycles, wheelchairs, cargo boxes etc. Hitch racks are more convenient than roof Car Racks as items are easily accessible from the rear. However, hitch racks may affect fuel efficiency compared to roof racks.

Tow Bar Rack: A tow bar rack is similar to a hitch rack, but mounts on a towbar which needs to be permanently fitted to the vehicle. Tow bar racks provide additional stability and loading capacity over hitch racks. They are suitable for carrying bulkier and heavier gear along with bicycles, kayaks etc. Tow bar racks are permanent fittings requiring no installation or removal of rack each time.

Pickup Truck Bed Rack: As the name suggests, these are racks tailored for mounting on the bed of a pickup truck. They provide platforms higher than the truck bed to stack and secure cargo. Bed racks are useful for transporting long loads securely above the truck bed.

Car Rack Accessories

In addition to the basic rack, various accessories are available to securely carry specific items:

Bicycle Rack: Dedicated bicycle racks mount bikes either horizontally or vertically using clamps, straps or locks. They make multi-bike transport safe and convenient. Popular styles are hitch, roof or pickup truck bed mounted racks.

Cargo Box: Cargo boxes mount on roof or hitch racks providing an enclosed, weather-resistant space to store gear. They secure items well and protect from theft. Boxes are available in different sizes.

Kayak/Canoe Carrier: Similar to bicycle racks, kayak carriers clamp securely to roof or hitch racks to transport watercraft safely without risk of damage or slippage. Adjustable T-slot towers are often included.

Ski/Snowboard Carrier: Most common type attaches to roof racks with clamps holding up to 6 pairs of skis/boards either with/without ski boots attached. Uprights secure vertically for reduced wind resistance.

Surfboard Carrier: Mounts on roof/hitch racks with straps or fittings specific for safe surfboard transport upright or horizontal depending on size. Padding protects the boards.

Roof Bag: Soft-sided water resistant bags with rigid backbone mount on roof racks to hold luggage, sports gear like footballs etc. Convenient option for loaded trips.

Car Rack Benefits

With the variety of racks and accessories available, car racks provide numerous advantages:

– Increased cargo carrying capacity without compromising interior passenger or storage space.

– Ability to securely transport irregular, bulky or long loads safely that otherwise may not fit inside the vehicle.

– Gear like bicycles, watersports equipment, skis etc. can be transported mounted externally without worry of scratches or damage inside vehicle.

– Enclosed boxes protect items from theft, weather and road grime while allowing easy loading/unloading from top or rear.

– Racks make multi-purpose activities like bike touring, watersports equipment transport, camping gear hauling convenient with family/group.

– Permanently fitted tow bar racks facilitate professional towing of equipment trailers when needed while still allowing cargo carrying capability.

– Accessible roof and hitch racks allow transportation of convenience items like luggage, coolers, chairs without cluttering the interior or trunk space.

– Factory engineered racks integrate seamlessly with vehicles for reliable load-carrying without raising concerns over safety or warranty compliance.

With so many advantages, car racks have become an essential convenience for active lifestyles and safer, more flexible vehicle transportation solutions. The variety helps every driver configure the perfect setup for their regular transport needs.