Cable Management Accessories

Cable Management Accessories for an Organized Workspace


Managing cables in any workspace, whether it’s an office, home office, workshop, or even an entertainment center can be a difficult task. Cables tend to multiply quickly as new devices are added and old ones are replaced. This introduces clutter and makes the area appear messy. Cable management accessories provide simple solutions to help organize all the wires and cords in an organized manner.

Cable Organizers

One of the most basic yet effective cable management accessories are cable organizers. Cable organizers come in various styles like cable wraps, ties, clips, and sleeves. Cable wraps and ties help bundle multiple cables together to reduce tangling and clutter. They come in sizes suitable for a variety of cable diameters. Cable clips and sleeves work well for managing individual cables along shelves, behind furniture, or along walls. Clips can securely attach cables to surfaces while sleeves provide protection from abrasions. These simple organizers are affordable and widely available making cable management quick and easy.

Cable Concealers

For large cable runs that go across floors or ceilings, cable concealers provide a cleaner look than leaving cables exposed. Cable raceways and cord covers come in plastic or metal and serve to route and hide cables inside walls, along baseboards or crown molding. Some snap open at the back for easy cable installation. Wall-mounted cable managers provide channels behind desks, entertainment centers or workbenches to keep cords organized neatly out of sight. For permanent installations, PVC conduit tubing offers a versatile solution to conceal long cable runs professionally.

Cable Management Panels

Cable management panels act as a central hub to organize excess cable lengths as well as incoming and outgoing cables. Suitable for network closets and equipment rooms, cable management panels mount securely to walls or cabinets. They feature vertical and horizontal cable guides, clips and ties to dress and label each cable. Cable management panels with doors provide a neat, finished look while allowing easy access inside. Some even include features like power strips and adjustable divider panels for maximum organization.

Cable Trays and Ladders

For large commercial installations handling many cables, dedicated cable trays and ladders provide heavy-duty cable routing solutions. Made from metal or fiberglass, cable trays mount to ceilings or floors to run multiple cable bundles together overhead or along walls. Their enclosed design keeps cables tidy while allowing easy addition or removal of cables as needs change. Cable ladders provide similar routing solutions but in an open ladder-style design which offers maximum ventilation. Together cable trays and ladders go a long way in keeping large cable plants systematic and professional looking.

DIY Cable Management Projects

While commercial Cable Management Accessories work great for offices and workshops, there are also inexpensive DIY solutions for cable organization at home. Using zip ties, hook-and-loop tape as well strap mounts allow managing cables neatly behind entertainment centers and electronic equipment. Plastic looms, channels and spiral wraps help bundle cords under desks and tables in a durable fashion. Even simple hooks, command strips and wiring ducts allow transporting cables along baseboards for a professional finished look. With a little creativity, many everyday household items can be repurposed for custom cable management on a budget.

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