Packaging Testing

Beyond the Box: Strategies for Effective Packaging Testing


Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products during storage, transportation and distribution. It ensures the safety and quality of products reach consumers intact. With ever changing consumer needs and stringent regulations, packaging testing has become imperative for businesses.

Package Development Testing

Designing the Right Package
Durability testing during the package development stage determines if the package design can withstand stresses of distribution systems. Factors like material properties, seals, closure systems etc. are tested under controlled conditions simulating real life distribution scenarios. This helps refine the design to meet distribution requirements before mass production.

Compatibility with Product
Products can react adversely when exposed to Packaging Testing  materials for prolonged duration. Migration testing evaluates potential interactions between packaging materials and product over storage time and conditions. This establishes material compatibility and prevents issues like odour transfer, discoloration etc.

Usability and Safety
Usability testing examines factors like ease of use, understanding of information on package, child resistance properties etc. Safety aspects like non-toxic and allergen free materials are an important part of this stage. The aim is to create packaging that enhances user experience while meeting all regulations.

Routine Production Line Testing

Quality on the Line
Incoming raw material quality affects production. Properties of materials received from vendors are tested periodically to ensure consistency with approved specifications. In-process checks during conversion to finished packages monitor automation and integrity. This maintains production quality.

Shelf Life Predictions
Real time shelf life studies under laboratory conditions help predict performance under distribution and various storage situations. Testing parameters like moisture absorption, gas transmission rates etc. define appropriate self-life claims and re-testing schedules.

Distribution Simulation Testing

Vibration and Shock Resistance
Damaging effects of distribution are tested using vibration and shock equipment that reproduces forces packaging testing may encounter during transport. Tests provide evidence that packages can withstand rough handling without damage or safety issues.

Temperature Cycling
Extreme temperature variations during distribution can stress packages. Cycling tests evaluate performance under rapid temperature changes within set limits. This gives confidence in withstanding diverse climate zones during shipping.

Compression and Stack Testing
Compression or stack testing recreates warehousing situations with simulated rack storage loads. Results determine maximum loads packages can withstand without failure or permanent deformation ensuring safety in stock configurations.

Regulatory and Certification Testing

Child Resistance Certification
Packages containing hazardous chemicals or drugs require certification for child resistance. Tests specify precise requirements for opening, reclosing and effectiveness that child resistant packages must meet as per regulations like Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

Biocompatibility Testing
Medical device and pharmaceutical packages coming into contact with patients require certification of biocompatibility. Cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation potential etc. are evaluated adhering to ISO 10993 standard ensuring no adverse biological reactions.

Sterilisation Validation
Sterile medical products demand validated sterilization processes. Sterility assurance level testing and packaging validation proves the chosen sterilisation method and parameters effectively sterilise packaged product without compromising package or product integrity as per ISO 11135.

Therefore, an effective packaging testing strategy integrated at all stages helps ensure package performance meets distribution demands as well as key safety, quality and regulatory requirements essential for protected product delivery. Testing serves as vital proof of package efficacy.

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