AI to Create New Jobs, Says Adecco Chief

AI to Create New Jobs, Says Adecco Chief


The advent of generative AI has the potential to revolutionize various professions, from meteorologists to lawyers and screenwriters. Despite concerns about job displacement, Denis Machuel, the CEO of Adecco, believes that AI will also create new positions. Machuel states that AI will bring massive disruption and revolutionize industries, asserting that no one can accurately predict the precise impact AI will have in the next five years. He draws parallels to the internet and digitization, where job creation and destruction coexisted.

Machuel notes that technology enhances productivity but also introduces complexity, necessitating more talent to handle it. While AI brings about increased productivity and data analysis capabilities, human intervention remains crucial. He discusses the potential risk for white-collar workers in the short term, particularly those involved in information management. However, skills related to relationship building, strategic thinking, and problem-solving are less likely to be disrupted.

Machuel maintains that there are limits to the capabilities of AI. For instance, while AI can compute numerous legal decisions, it lacks the deep understanding and problem-solving abilities necessary in complex legal situations. He asserts that automating mundane tasks frees up time for workers to focus on more fulfilling aspects of their jobs.

To assist workers in navigating the evolving job landscape, Adecco has partnered with Microsoft to develop a career platform. The platform aims to provide guidance and support to individuals and companies, helping them identify new skills and job opportunities. Machuel emphasizes the importance of upskilling and re-skilling, highlighting the positive opportunities offered by AI tools. Adecco has even created an AI-powered tool that assists individuals in generating their own curriculum vitae.

Machuel highlights the role of AI in streamlining recruitment processes. Adecco utilizes a chatbot that engages with thousands of candidates, allowing recruiters more time to focus on human interactions rather than database searches. The implementation of AI technology enables recruiters to dedicate more attention to people rather than mundane tasks.

In conclusion, while AI may disrupt certain job functions, it also presents opportunities for job creation and the development of new skills. Adecco is actively embracing AI technology to not only enhance productivity but also to support individuals in navigating the evolving job market.

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