This iOS 17 feature can help reduce eyestrain and improve eye health


In today’s digital age, we are constantly surrounded by screens. From TVs to smartphones, we spend a significant amount of time staring at these deviaes. However, prolonged screen time can lead to eyestrain and other eye health issues, such as nearsightedness. Recognizing the need to prioritize eye health, Apple has introduced a new feature in iOS 17 that aims to reduce eyestrain and promote healthier screen habits.

The Screen Distance feature utilizes the TrueDepth camera, which is primarily used for Face ID, to measure the distance between the user’s eyes and the iPhone or iPad screen. By monitoring this distance, the feature can detect if the device is being held too close to the user’s face for an extended period.

For children under 13 who are part of a Family Sharing group, Screen Distance is automatically enabled. However, for adults, the feature can be manually activated by following a few simple steps. Users can navigate to the Settings menu, tap on Screen Time, then select Screen Distance, and finally, tap on Continue.

Once enabled, the device will periodically measure the distance between the screen and the user’s eyes. If it detects that the device is positioned closer than 12 inches (30 centimeters) for an extended period, a message will be displayed, alerting the user that the iPhone may be too close. Users can then adjust the distance until a checkmark appears on the screen and tap on Continue to resume their activities.

It’s important to note that the Screen Distance feature is designed with user privacy in mind. It does not collect or store any photos or videos of the user’s face, and it does not transmit any data to Apple or any other parties. All the processing is done locally on the user’s device, ensuring that their privacy is protected.

Screen Distance is just one of the many features that iOS 17 offers to promote digital well-being. Other features include Screen Time, which allows users to set limits and goals for their app usage, Downtime, which enables them to schedule breaks from their devices, and Communication Limits, which enables control over communication during specific hours.

By incorporating these features into their devices, Apple is actively encouraging users to develop healthier screen habits and take proactive steps to protect their eye health. With the Screen Distance feature, users can now be more mindful of their screen usage and maintain a healthier distance between their eyes and their devices.

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