Introducing the Innovative SaddleSpur Bike Seat for Ultimate Back Support


In the realm of bicycle seats, innovation knows no bounds. Over the years, we have witnessed a wide range of designs aimed at enhancing comfort or performance. However, the latest addition to the market, the SaddleSpur, offers a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest—a distinctive protrusion at the back of the seat.

The concept of the SaddleSpur first emerged two years ago during a Kickstarter campaign, although it did not achieve its funding goal at the time. Nevertheless, inventor John Downing, a British cyclist, persisted with his vision, and the SaddleSpur is now available for preorder through its dedicated website.

At first glance, the SaddleSpur appears like any other bicycle seat, but it distinguishes itself with an upwardly extending spur at the rear. This addition primarily aims to enhance pedaling power.

Downing explains that the presence of the spur provides a leverage point for exerting pressure, fundamentally altering the cycling mechanics. Instead of relying solely on gripping the handlebars and channeling force through the body/trunk, the cyclist can now generate power using the pelvic cradle. This design principle draws parallels with recumbent bicycles, where riders brace themselves against the backrest while pedaling, rather than relying solely on vertical movements.

Moreover, the SaddleSpur offers the advantage of weight distribution. As the cyclist pushes back against the spur during the ride, not all body weight is concentrated on the buttocks, resulting in a more comfortable experience overall. However, it is important to note that the design limitation of the SaddleSpur prevents riders from shifting their weight off the saddle during steep descents or other situations. Additionally, the unique design may attract some curious glances from onlookers.

For those intrigued by the SaddleSpur’s promise of improved performance and comfort, preorders are now open at a price of £125 (approximately US$153). We invite our readers to share their thoughts in the comments section, as we are eager to hear your opinions on this innovative bicycle seat.



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