Google Photos Introduces AI-Powered Features for Photo Organization


Google Photos is launching new features that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the organization and categorization of photos. One of these features, called Photo Stacks, uses AI to identify the best photo from a group of images taken together and selects it as the top pick of the stack. This reduces clutter in users’ Photos gallery and makes it easier to view multiple photos of the same moment. According to Google, around one-third of most people’s galleries are comprised of similar photos, so this feature will significantly reduce this clutter. Users have the option to manually select their preferred photo or disable the feature altogether.

Another AI-powered feature focuses on organizing specific types of photos, such as documents, screenshots, and receipts. Google Photos uses signals like optical character recognition (OCR) to recognize screenshots and documents and then categorizes them into albums. Users can also set reminders associated with these images. For instance, if a user takes a screenshot of a concert ticket, they can ask Google Photos to remind them to revisit the screenshot closer to the concert date and time. Additionally, there is an option to automatically archive screenshots and documents after 30 days, keeping them accessible in dedicated albums.

Both features will be released on Google Photos for Android and iOS devices starting today.

The new Photo Stacks feature aims to streamline photo galleries by intelligently selecting the best image from a set of similar photos. By using AI algorithms that analyze visual similarities, Google Photos can group together photos taken in close proximity and designate the most visually appealing one as the top pick. This eliminates the need to scroll through multiple versions of the same moment, saving time and reducing clutter in users’ galleries. However, users still have the freedom to manually choose their preferred photo or turn off the feature if desired.

In addition to Photo Stacks, Google Photos introduces an AI-powered organization system for specific types of photos. By leveraging OCR technology, Google Photos can recognize screenshots and documents and categorize them into albums. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently capture screenshots for various purposes or save important documents digitally. Moreover, users can set reminders associated with these categorized images. For example, if a user takes a screenshot of a concert ticket, they can request Google Photos to remind them to revisit the screenshot closer to the concert date and time. This functionality enhances the usability and accessibility of specific types of photos, enabling users to easily locate and reference them at a later date.

The launch of these AI-powered features reflects Google’s commitment to continuously improve the user experience of Google Photos. By leveraging AI technologies, Google Photos offers users the convenience of an organized and clutter-free photo gallery, while also providing advanced categorization and reminder functionalities for specific types of photos. Whether users are seeking an easier way to navigate their collections of similar photos or hoping to quickly locate important screenshots and documents, these new features cater to a variety of user needs. Android and iOS users can expect to enjoy these enhanced capabilities on Google Photos as the features begin rolling out today.


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